Step 1: Click on this link and accept the invite for the OneFitStop Zapier connections:


Step 2: Log into Zapier and click “Make Zap”


Step 3: Select “OneFitStop” from the Apps list


Step 4: Choose the trigger points you wish to sync to another third party application:

  • New Charge – Sync all new successful payment charges
  • New Client – Sync records when a new client is added
  • New Lead – Sync records when a new lead is added


Step 5: Choose Account – Connect your OneFitStop Account to Zapier by clicking the “Connect a New Account” button. Log into your OneFitStop account and authorize your account.


Step 6: Go to OneFitStop and go to Account Settings > Integrations and click on “View Details” on the Zapier row. Paste the “Webhook” code from Zapier to the correct trigger webhook field in OneFitStop. For example, if you have chosen “New Lead” as the trigger in step 4 above, then copy and paste the Lead Webhook code to the correct field in OneFitStop and click save. You may want to “Test” the connection at this point. With ALL triggers, make sure you have data in OneFitStop for the test to run successfully.


Step 7: Choose an App to Sync with and configure the “Actions”. Depending on the App you have chosen and the trigger, there will be different data end-points that you will have the option to sync and automate.


Step 8: Make A Zap! Finalize the creation of the Zap and turn it on.

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