Session Templates are the core function of your scheduling experience. Templates are used to auto-load pre-defined information sets when creating a new session or class.

The template contains the following information:

  • Session name
  • Session Type (Could be same as session name, but you can have multiple session names under 1 session type. Example: Session Type – Class, Session Name – Yoga, Group X, HIIT, CrossFit.
  • Items Supplied (Yoga Mat, Towel etc.)
  • Items to bring (Water Bottle, Towel etc.)
  • Duration
  • Location
  • Instructor
  • Session Size
  • Drop-In Price
  • Credit required (normally 1 credit)
  • Allow Client Booking
  • Display as a class option
  • Payment required option

Since the templates will all be pre-made, it allows for quick booking, by just needing to select a template, and all of the info will auto populate.

**Once you Select a template, you can edit any information you choose if necessary.

Example – Change instructor for the class, edit the class size, change drop in fee etc.

To Create a Session Template:

Schedule-> Settings “Cog” or “Wheel” -> Schedule Templates -> Create template “Plus or Add Symbol” -> Fill out information and “Create Template”

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