What is an event?

An event is any session that you are having with your own clients or which you are advertising to attract new clients.


How to create an event

To begin creating an event, navigate to the Schedule page -> Create Event or click here. Fill out the event information, any photos and add other instructors to the event if you wish. 

To make the event an advertisement, click "yes" to "Advertisement and promote event". (See more on Advertising events here ). 


To use an existing event template, simply click on "Select template". See more on using event templates here)

Once you are satisfied, click "Next". (Note: you can edit an event at any time by returning to the Schedule page and clicking on the event).


Add any clients who you wish to invite to the event by clicking "Select" next to their name.

Click "Create" to finalise.


That's all there is to it!


Where to next?

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