Creating an account is a simple guided process. We will assist you throughout all the steps to ensure that your system is ready to go in minutes!


Signing up

Step 1: Click here to sign up or navigate to the login page and click "Sign up now". 

Step 2: Enter in your first name, last name, email address and password. Make sure that "Are you a fitness professional" is selected as "Yes".

Step 3: You have now signed up for a fitness professional account. 

Selecting a plan

You will be guided to enter in your business details. This is required before selecting a plan. 

Once complete, you will now have to select a plan. To find our more about each plan which which account level best caters to your requirements click "See more details."

Payment for a plan is quick and secure. To view our payment security features click here.

Getting set-up

Now you have begun the on-boarding process where we will guide you through the steps to update all your profile and account information.

Step 1: Your Profile - Uploading a profile photo and selecting a username. This username will not be able to changed in the future and will be come your unique username for your account. You will then have a domain linking to your account i.e.


Step 2: Locations and Expertise - Set your training location and area of expertise so you can be found on our public fitness professional directory. 


Step 3: Your Business Information - Use the short promotional line to try and catch the attention of anyone looking through the directory. The "about your business" section can be a more detailed summary of you or your business. Try and write something unique for your account! Your training credentials will be kept private for your keepsake, but if you have successfully entered in any credential or qualification then this will be used to advertise your services on the directory and let your clients know with a simple 'tick'.


Step 4: A Personal Touch - Answer the questionnaire to help give a personal edge to your account on the directory and to let your clients know you're not just their fitness hero! Don't forget to connect your social media accounts and website here!


Step 5: You're Done! View your public profile or begin streamlining your business through your dashboard.


Whats next?

Why don't you begin with adding clients or setting up your payment collection facility?

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