Making My Profile Public

To take full advantage of our fitness community and receive client requests, make sure that your profile is set to "Public" in your settings. To learn how to make your profile public, click here.


Advertising Events

Advertising events ensures that your events are seen in our directory and gives you a chance to receive more enquiries and clients to your class or training session. To learn how to advertise an event, click here.


Managing Media

Having a profile rich in media attracts more viewers than not. 

To add media to your profile, naviaget to Edit Profile-> Media Management or click here.

Simply click "Upload" and select whether you would like to upload a photo or a video.

(Note: You must upload the embed code for videos on your profile in order for them to display properly).

Give your media a title and click "Upload" to confirm.


Connecting Social Media

Connecting Social Media accounts can be performed by navigating to Edit Profile-> Social Connectivity or clicking here

Simply click "Edit" and paste the link to your relevant social media accounts onto your OneFitStop profile.

If you would like to share your OneFitStop profile on your Facebook or Twitter pages, simply click on the respective "Share on Facebook" and "Share on Twitter" icons.


Writing Articles

We love sharing articles from fitness professionals! To share an article, contact us.


That's all there is to it. We make growing your business simple, so that you can focus on your passion.


Where To Next?

Would you like to learn about Managing leads, Creating events or Setting up payments?

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