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    Jane Gordon

    Hi there,

    I changed the credit card details last night on my membership and it has already taken out a payment, even though this was not due until Thursday (tomorrow).

    Will this be the only payment this week, as I no longer want to use the other account?

    Has the payment successfully changed over and the old card deleted?

    Also how does this affect my membership dates?

    I think there needs to be a simpler option for updating payment details. Most online systems allow changes to be made within the customer profile...usually as a simple change, without taking money straight up. Just a thought to prevent these kinds of issues, as it can get very messy.

    Kind regards,
    Jane Gordon

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    Jarron Aizen

    Hi Jane,

    Thanks for reaching out. I have sent you a private email to resolve this.

    If you download the mobile application or access your web dashboard you will be able to directly update your payment information from the customer profile. You have proceeded to checkout on a new membership.

    Kind Regards,