Connecting with AnyClass

To advertise your class on AnyClass you have to enable the AnyClass platform first.

 You can do this by navigating to Account Settings and clicking on the Apps tab.

 Here you will see "AnyClass". Once you have sent a request to connect, your application will be verified by AnyClass and OneFitStop and one approved you will be able to list your classes on AnyClass.

 Note: If your account has been created by AnyClass, you will automatically be connected to their systems.


Advertising Classes

Once your account is connected with AnyClass, you will be able to begin advertising classes. 

 When creating an event you will now have the option to advertise on AnyClass. By selecting yes, your class or event you create will automatically sync to their platform.



Class Size Limit: The class size limit will determine how many clients/AnyClass users can join an event. Once the limit has been reach no further booking will be allowed.

When an AnyClass subscriber books your class, you will be able to see the name of the attendee when viewing an event. 


Cancelling Classes

 When you cancel a class (or re-schedule) all AnyClass attendees will be notified automatically through the AnyClass platform. 





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