If you ever need to allocate session credits or an entire membership to your client or member without the need to take payments then you can do this when requesting a payment.

Step 1: Select the Client and Package to Send

First you will need to select "Request Payment" in the "Payments" module and select the client and package you wish to send. Note: you can also configure a custom package for the allocation without payment to work.

Step 2: Select Account Discount Option 

In the "Account Discount" dropdown menu at the bottom of the page there is an option to select "Allocate without payment". When this is selected, the send button will become an "Activation" button. Once activated, no payment will be required and your client / member will receive the package credits in the same way as if they had paid for them.

NOTE: Credits will be allocated without payment for both a single package or membership package. For example, if a membership package is allocated without payment allocating 2 credits each week, it will continue to allocate the credits in that manner for the entire package period.


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