We are excited to release the new OneFitStop Embed Widgets for brands to integrate into websites for access to client portals. These new Embedded Widgets are script based and no longer iFrames so as to give them more of a look and feel as part of your own web solution. We have remodeled the widgets to look and work much the same as our Branded App experience. This should provide congruency in your member and client experiences there by reducing friction and increasing overall user satisfaction.


As we roll out components of the new V2 Widgets, we will be revising the modules presented in the first version iFrames such as Class Listing and Bookings, Package purchases, Client sign up and Log In, Booking Privates and Gift Card sales. While we are not reengineering the aggregate Dashboard view, we will be offering new embedded solutions that allow pre-filtering to individual instructor’s class listings as well as filtering by session types so that you can place these specific lists in the dedicated pages of your website and online portals.

The first release is a Beta Release including the following widgets:

  • Classes
  • Packages
  • Privates

In the coming weeks, the following functionality will also be added to these widgets:

  • Dynamic Theming and Site Configurations,
  • Forgot password
  • Page view or model views
  • Spot Reservations
  • Stand Alone package purchase views

Following this initial release, in the coming weeks we will also deliver the following new widgets:

  • Standalone package widgets
  • Gift cards
  • Client dashboard
  • Login / sign up widget
  • Workshops
  • Content Suite


Instructions for use


To reveal your new Embedded Widgets, simply navigate from the Business Dashboard to Edit Profile> Website Embed. Under Option 2 – Website Embed you will find a new toggle along the right side labelled Try Beta Widget Code.


Slide the toggle to the ON or right position to reveal the new Embed Script codes.


Now you will see the new Embed options to include Classes, Packages and Privates


Please share with your web development resources these new code scripts so they may place them in your website.


The classes option comes with some filter options for Sessions and Instructors. As to be expected, if All Sessions and All Instructors are left in the filter then all sessions will be displayed on your website using the default widget code.

When you select one of the Session types from the drop down you will then see the widget code alters to include only those Session types in the web display.  This could be a way for you to call attentions to specific program offerings on a portion your site.


Similarly, if you preselect an instructor, then the available widget code can be copied into a dedicated page about your instructor, displaying his or her own classes:


Your Classes will present in your website with your own configured colors as well for congruency to your branding.  Here is a sneak peak at the Classes listing:


The bookings process is as expected with Clicking the booking button and seeing the details page,


Selecting a spot if configured,


Package selection or purchasing as required for the access to the class


And a system acknowledgement of booking completion



The Packages widget code also includes by default all packages and an option to alter the view as Page or Model view.


If for instance you wish to select a specific package for advertisement in a special area of your site, then the model view may be an option to promote immediate purchase of that offering


Here is a sneak peek at the Package listings Page in your web browser:


Package purchases have all the necessary steps you would expect such as details page,


Agreement review with Signature capturing,


Payment type capture with processing.


Stand Alone Packages. 

Use Case:

“As a business user, I want to share a direct link on my website to a specific package or membership, so that my clients and members may purchase directly without having to select from a list. "

V2 Package Widget feature where by you may link directly to a page or modal view a Stand Alone package. 

Navigate to Edit Profile> Website Embed> toggle ON the Try Beta Widget Code> select Packages and then choose either the Page or Model view before copying the code to your website builder. 




Privates as well have a standard code offering for accessing and booking from all of your instructors available for Private session types. It also includes a filter for optional single instructor schedule displays.



Here is a sneak peek at the Privates listing page in your web browser and the work flow to book.







New Client Sign Up

Included in the web widgets are Sign Up and Login workflows. Here as well is a peek at the workflows.




Gift Cards

Gift Card web widgets configuration code can be found here among the other Beta Widgets: 

Dashboard> Edit Profile> Website Embed> Try Beta Widget Code-


Add this code to your web site and the following screens will be available:

Until your clients are logged in they will be met with the following, 



Upon client login, then your configured Gift Cards will appear for selection and sale:


Clients are expected to select their gift card and enter the recipient email and name, when configured, and their own information for receipt and card delivery. 

Guest Checkout for Gift Cards is not yet released. 


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